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Dr. Smith has several different adjusting techniques in his arsenal of knowledge. We work hard to find the best one that works for you. Using diagnostics such as palpation and muscle tests he determines from your spine what areas need to be adjusted.

As far as extremities go the same approach that works for your spine can be applied to other joints so that impaired function or range of motion can be restored! Avoid drugs and unnecessary surgeries.

Our Semg, or scan as we refer to it, happens to be one of our favorite diagnostic tools. It is a computer software program that actually measures electrical impulses produced by the muscle surrounding the spine. It puts nothing into the body nor does it take anything away from the body.

We are able to view three different parts of the nervous system (autonomic, sympathetic, and asymmetry).

We have an x-ray machine and developer on site. This means your x-rays can be made and read in the same day without having to wait for the results.

Our Foot levelers scan is the newest addition to the office. We sometimes will scan your feet as a diagnostic tool for asymmetry. But we ask you to think about your feet and be kind to them, because after all they carry the load of our bodies. This is where the extremity certifications are an asset because Dr. Smith can make sure that your feet are aligned properly before ordering orthotics!

Dr. Smith has a 10 hour certification in the use of Spider Tech Kinesiology. This procedure can help with repetitive strains, acute pain due to trauma, bruising, edema, swelling, arthritis pain, shin splints, and so much more.

 We are very pleased to be introducing a whole foods line of nutritional supplements as well as a line focusing totally on the digestive systems. We understand what it is like to be sick and tired of being sick and tired! Dr. Smith has also had some courses on nutrition. We can help you with your daily eating plan so that you are getting a balanced healthy diet.

Don’t forget if you need an icepack or some Biofreeze. We are also offering products to help you with comfort while your spine heals.

Dr. Smith was a student trainer at Alabama and at Life University. He not only can give you stretching techniques and exercises to strengthen your spinal area but he can also help you if you guideline for the gym. We have available ‘Good Morning Stretches” and “Golf Stretches”

We offer a wide range of educational materials as well as the opportunity to sit down and get an individualized report of findings.

Please call our office if you need our participation in your next event!