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Doctors Corner


Hey Everybody! We are going to try something a little different. The office would like to do an unofficial poll. We would like to know how many out there 

a) Had a flu shot or has been around someone who had the shot and gotten the flu anyway

b) who hasn't had the shot.

You know if you think about it, is there really a season for flu or is it pretty much around all the time.

As with anything else, the Holiday adds a tremendous amount of stress to our daily lives. There never seems to be enough time, finances are tight and we just seem to be stressed at every turn.

Now the things I have just listed are not the only stresses in our lives. I have talked about this before but stress takes three forms.

1) physical

2) chemical

3) emotional

The ones I listed previously tend to be on the emotional side, but let's not forget how we tend to not eat the healthiest of meals during the holidays and then there are the physical things like putting up Christmas trees, wrapping presents and sitting for long times on the phone or at the computer. 

All of these stresses create SUBULUXATIONS! Subluxations are irritations to the nervous system which are created by any of the above stresses. A Subluxation is what occurs whenever neurological signals between the brain and the rest of the body are compromised due to a misalignment of one or more of the spinal vertebra. This hampers the body ability to adapt to the day to day stress of living and allows opportunistic infections the chance to take hold of our bodies.

Don't let this happen to you. Be sure to take just a few short minutes out of your day to make sure to,

a) eat healthy
b) Drink plenty of water
c) get plenty of rest
d) pray/meditate
e) exercise
f) Go to your Chiropractor and be checked for Subluxations so that you can have a properly functioning nervous system!

Thank you so much for your time and have a wonderfull Holiday Season. Go to our facebook page and leave your comments!