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Question and Answers

Concerning the Flu

Question: Concerning the Flu If two people are sitting in a room and one person with the flu comes in, why will only one person that is in the room ‘catch’ the flu?

Answer: The person that gets the flu has a weaker immune system than the one that doesn’t get it.

Question: What weakens our immune system?

Answer: Stress, Poor Diet, Lack of Exercise, Not enough Rest and not being Adjusted to restore proper communication within our bodies.

Question: Does it make sense to be injected with a flu vaccine that contains the very thing we are trying to avoid mixed with other chemicals?

Answer: That is a personal decision, but be informed about the side effects and the ingredients! (thimerosal=mercury)

Question: How many households have had people get sick after someone else got the flu shot?

Answer: Surely, you don’t think they got sick because they didn’t get the vaccination.

Question: Do you think it is kind of strange that now it is being said it takes two weeks for the vaccine to take effect after so many people report flu like symptoms immediately after getting it?

Answer: Something to think about!

We tend to live in a state of panic and tend to believe everything we read and hear rather than applying practical thinking and common sense. Be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to your health.  If you would like more information about your immune system and how Chiropractic Care can benefit you, please contact our office.