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Kids Korner: Our kids are our 'Superheroes'!!

We offer a uniquely designed play room!
We have a kids adjusting table especially designed for those growing miracles
We also have in stock a pillow called Angel Wings that supports baby’s necks while in their car seat or carrier
Kids Wall with pictures of our super heroes!
Annual Halloween Costume Contest!

Chiropractic care is not just for adults. Don’t leave your child at home so that they can grow up to have the same problems that you do!

Did you know that a newborn can be adjusted right after being born? It is a safe, non evasive procedure to remove subluxations (areas of the baby’s spine that are misaligned and interfere or distort nerve impulses between the brain and the body).

Being born is one of the single most traumatic events of our lives. Think about the birth process. How was your baby’s neck turned during birth?  Did you have anesthesia? Were Forceps Used? Did you have a C-Section?

When your baby starts holding up its head,  starts to sit alone, crawl, stand alone and even take their first step these milestones can actually cause subluxations ~there is no time like the present to have their spine checked!

Removing subluxations is a proven way to insure that your child has less colic, less ear infections, better sleep, improved motor function, and over all better health.

Call today to schedule an appointment or stop by our office to find out more about how we can help you to have a healthier child by starting Chiropractic Care today!