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Athletes vs Routine Patient Care


When an athlete comes into the office their primary goal is to enhance their game. Studies have shown that with chiropractic care it can be done. Proper and stable spinal alignment along with better proprioception(balance receptor or balance muscles) not only can enhance sports performance but it can also enhance the activities of daily living.

When a person is playing a game it is easier to identify the improvements because here are measurable results. In day to day humdrum living it is hard to see the benefits from adjustments. Due to the stress we endure in our daily lives (chemical, physical, and emotional) the benefits sometimes often get lost in the world of one more thing today. We are human and we typically forget how bad we were because we only want to be better each day. We fail to remember what a game is only an hour or so...but if results can be measured in an hour, they can be measured in a day.

We need to be mindful in what we do to our bodies ALL day. What are we putting into for fuel(nutrition)? Are we stretching after sitting at a desk? Are we excercising? Are we drinking water? Are we allowing proper time for sleep(for healing)? It is important to remember that most athletes have an exercise regimen and as well as eating plans.

But think about this: if Chiropractic can help athletes improve even under the extra stress of a game, with physical exertion, mental anguish, and sometimes dehydration, doesn't it make sense that you can benefit from it in our daily life?

With a game plan (notes, exams, treatment plans, and re-exams) we plan to help you, as our patient, find measurable results so that you can know you are getting the most out of your day to day game. The bottom line is how much health do you want? Do you want to improve you 'game' of life?

Life is an Athletic Event . . . Enhance your performance!